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About us




We, Victor, Stella, Noah and Mogli are a small family from Berlin with a love for travel, the sea and adventure. 

Victor brought us to the Azores island of Pico through his job. Since 2007 he has dedicated himself to a wave power plant on the island. And so, after a few years, we came up with the idea of starting our own project, on the one hand to always have a good reason to come back to this beautiful piece of earth in the future, on the other hand out of enthusiasm for the idea itself as well the sad fact that research in the field of wave energy unfortunately cannot support a family.

In 2015 our first son Noah was born and we bought this piece of land right by the sea. For financial reasons, it was clear that we would have to take most of this project into our own hands. So we started to commute more often, we earned most of the money for the house in Germany and we came to Pico to build the house.

In 2017 our second son Mogli was born. Our life was anything but boring with two wild boys, building a house,  living in two places and, until 2018, operating the wave power plant.

In 2022 the time had finally come and we were able to open our bed and breakfast.

We cordially invite you to enjoy the beauty of this island  to the fullest here with us.

We look forward to you!




victor simply does what's required. As a skateboarder, surfer and windsurfer, he's used to things not always going according to plan. As a mechanical engineer, exibitionworker and steelworker with a hell of a lot of willpower, it was possible for him to realize our idea.

Even though the wave power plant on Pico was taken by the sea in 2018, his heart still beats for wave energy, which is why he was at least able to successfully complete his PHD thesis on the power plant at the beginning of 2020 .



Stella is a loving mother and  a trained yoga teacher. She keeps learning to explore and push her limits.


Mogli & Noah

Noah and Mogli are two very lively children and almost inseparable, they discover everything there is to discover.

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